Non-Lethal Pepperball Solutions.

Welcome to Pepperball Hawaii.

PepperBall Hawaii is the industry leader in non-lethal solutions for self-defense. Our non-lethal solution products are simple, effective, affordable, and small enough to fit into a pocket.

With that being said, PepperBall Hawaii offers a full line of products that reduce your risk of lethal force while increasing your options when facing an assailant or enemy combatant.

Pepperball has been providing non-lethal solutions to law enforcement agencies and everyday people across the country, because when it comes to the safety and security of individuals, there is no room for error.

We offer multiple Non-Lethal Solution products that will help protect your life.

  • Pepperball TCP Launchers
  • Pepperball Lifelite Launchers
  • VKS Launchers
  • Pepperball Projectiles
  • Accessories
  • And much more

We currently have two categories: Customers and Law Enforcement

Why Do You Need Pepperball Non-Lethal Solution?

Because when you're out in the field, in your house with your family or taking a walk, you require choices, alternatives that make you much safer and better equipped to protect your life with confidence.

From advanced military operations to everyday people, you need to be all set for the unanticipated.

As a complete non-lethal compliance system, Pepperball is a safe, reliable, and simple-to-use option that can be utilized in a broader variety of situations than any other item on the marketplace.

Judging by the historical numbers of guns and ammunition sales, Americans are scared for their security.

Fatal force isn't the only method to react to a risk. Lots of people admit they don't know if they could shoot somebody or take a human life. I praise those people for knowing their constraints.

There are numerous reasons why a less-lethal weapon could be preferred by some people. Some people just are anti-gun, and they refuse to have them in their houses.

A Non-Lethal Solution for Everybody

Another reason one may not have a gun is that they live in a dictatorial city like New York or Chicago in which gun ownership rights are not recognized as they are in much of the rest of the country (which, according to the criminal offense data in those 2 locations does not seem to assist much).

Unlike a taser, when you get hit with Pepperball you run out the battle for a while.

The goal in a violent circumstance is to de-escalate as quickly as possible without getting harmed so you can get to safety.

The civilian variation of the Pepperball weapons comes in several sizes and configurations from one that appears like a normal handgun to one that looks more like a battery-powered flashlight. These alternatives provide civilians the ability to carry the weapon more concealed than is usually possible or necessary for police.

Pepperpall guns could be just the tool you have been looking for to protect yourself and your household.

This gadget could certainly be used by law enforcement to ensure the quick and safe arrest of a violent suspect.

Basically, you can carry a Pepperball gun everywhere you go.

I don’t mean that you can drive around haphazardly spraying random people without repercussion, however consider the back-end of the circumstance in which you were included and the after-effects you'll have to handle when releasing a gun. I'm not saying do not utilize that weapon if you need to, I just want you to likewise consider the legal repercussions you may face.

Pepperball Launchers

Pepperball Hawaii offers different type of launchers

Launchers come in a range of options, from those that look like standard paintball guns, to those that appear like a basic pistol, to one called the Pepperball VKS that looks like an AR-15 platform.

Pepperball VKS Launcher

The Pepperball VKS can fire projectiles approximately 150 feet at 20 projectiles per second, and it has a 180-round hopper alternative that can be utilized if desired.

The VKS™ Launcher is strongest non-lethal consumer device available from PepperBall Hawaii. It requires no license to own and shoots powerful pepper irritant projectiles. With the exact same look, feel and fire control system as an AR-15/M-4 carbine, when combined with VXR projectiles (not included) it's a successful accurate distance of up to 150 feet.


The Variable Kinetic System (VKS) is a compressed-air powered launcher designed to fire non-lethal PepperBall projectiles. The PepperBall VKS Carbine features a Dual Feed System that offers the capacity to quickly switch between Hopper mode and Magazine mode for optimum versatility.

The Variable Kinetic System Carbine entails you are able to adjust your velocity as much as 350fps - right out of the box.  It provides a MIL-STD-1913 rail platform, machined upper, lightweight polymer lower, a practical charging handle and an external variable velocity adjustment.

Trusted by over 10,000 police and government agencies worldwide, PepperBall is an established leader in non-lethal personal defense.  


  • Semi-automatic
  • Same look, feel and fire control system as an AR-15/M-4 carbine
  • 15 round magazine capacity
  • Up to 150 FT launch distance
  • Appropriate for both standard round projectile and VXR™ projectiles (sold separately)
  • Kinetic impact is adjustable to between 10-28 Joules


Pepperball CTP Pistol

A CTP pistol is another non-lethal solution that Pepperball Hawaii offers.

It may look like a real pistol, and it may also look like a dangerous gun, but it’s not. Our CTP launcher is a non-lethal self-defense tool that use CO2 cartridges to shoot pepper irritant powder projectiles.

Load a CO2 cartridge in the space at the back of the magazine and turn the key-shaped screw manage until it holds the cartridge in location. (If you are not going to use the TCP right now within 24 hr do not tighten it to the point the cartridge is punctured.) You can then place the publication, which automatically positions the Pepper, Ball in the chamber.

If you travel or reside in low-risk locations, I recommend keeping the TCP with the magazine loaded and the CO2 cartridge not activated (pierced). All it takes is a couple of fast clockwise twists to pierce the cylinder. Once the CO2 cartridge has actually been punctured, take the security off and pull the trigger to fire.

Being able to find and share new non-lethal self-defense tools with you is something I'm enthusiastic about since I constantly want you to be prepared for your way of life.

Feel free to look around at our products and make a good decision to protect your life with our Pepperball Non-Lethal Solutions.