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The TCP™ (Tactical Compact Pistol) is a PepperBall launcher that gives you the ability to have a multi-shot, non-lethal product on your belt, in your car, home, or when you travel. Requires no license or waiting period.

POWERFUL PROTECTION: Use the TCP with original round projectiles or long-range VXR projectiles which can achieve distances of up to 150 feet depending on environmental conditions, (projectiles and CO2 sold separately). The projectile does not have to hit attackers to be effective. Requires no license. EASY TO USE: Powered by compressed CO2 air, the TCP launcher has no recoil and is easy to load and operate.

As a complete non-lethal compliance system, Pepper, Ball is a safe, effective, and simple-to-use alternative that can be used in a wider range of situations than any other product on the market - TCP Launcher.

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We can ship to virtually any address in the world. Note that there are restrictions on some products, and some products cannot be shipped to international destinations. When you place an order, we will estimate shipping and delivery dates for you based on the availability of your items and the shipping options you choose.

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Outside of testing the efficacy of the pepper incapacitation itself, we’re able to report that the TCP and the Compact operate as advertised. Again, we were very surprised at the accuracy of the TCP and at its ease of use. If you’re looking for a non-lethal self-defense option, Pepper, Ball has lots of them.

This is approximately the length of one and a half SUVs, end to end with one another. This gives you, the intended victim, some distance to attempt to deter the advancing attacker. And bear in mind that you don’t have to hit the target directly—a shot hitting the ground in front of him or a car next to him will still disperse the irritating powder with enough room to make your shot highly effective.

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This may sound like a person has enough distance to react but remember that an aggressive attacker can cross that gap within a few seconds. The speed of encounter, along with the stress level of the victim, decreases the success rate of other non-lethal options. Under these conditions it is harder to ensure a center-mass taser shot or hitting the attackers face with pepper spray.

The simplest unit, by far, is the Pepper, Ball Compact. As its name implies, it is small, easy to conceal and can be taken just about anywhere without attracting attention. It holds one round and is fired using compressed CO2 air, under high pressure. This Pepper Ball unit is ideal for anyone who travels with minimal gear or bags, as it can be stored in a coat pocket, small purse or interior vehicle compartments with ease.

It is an ideal choice for walking the dog, quick trips to the store or walking city streets at night. The Life, Lite Personal Defense Kit is another piece of Pepper, Ball equipment, and this handy unit means business. It was originally designed for the military, so it’s both tough and reliable.

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Concerning ammo, the Compact and the Mobile units come with ammo included, and cartridges that are not compatible with the Life, Lite or the TCP Launcher. But there are refill kits available, when you use up the included ammo or if you just want some spares, just in case. For the Life, Lite and the TCP Launcher, you will need Pepper, Ball Live SD, or the Live-X Police Grade Projectile ammo.

Remember, practice makes perfect! The inert rounds allow you to perfect your aim before an unfortunate conflict comes your way. Pepper, Ball sent over a few samples of their products to handle and test, providing a real feel for the gear. First and foremost, their products are solid, in both construction and operation.

The inert powder spread over the mark I’d made on the wall. Pepper, Ball ammo loads into the magazine just like traditional handgun ammo. The TCP Launcher was next. This had the feel and weight of a true semi-automatic handgun. You operate the TCP just as you would a traditional firearm.

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Pepper, Ball offers inert ammo, which is perfect for pistol target practice. What initially interested me about Pepper, Ball products, before I began to investigate them deeply, was the idea of having a self-defense option that occupied the middle ground between items that may possibly work if conditions are just right (they seldom are), and weapons that take it to the other extreme, where the assailant’s death is the most likely outcome.

The Pepper, Ball TCP Launcher superficially resembles a pistol, but no combustion takes place in this less-lethal deterrent. Instead, the TCP Launcher uses compressed gas to propel a . 68 caliber projectile, similar to a paintball, filled with a potent OC dust that rapidly disperses in all directions at once.

Despite these being an alternative to deadly force, some locales have forbidden their use. Hot Sauce The driving force behind Pepper, Ball is a proprietary, pharmaceutical-grade PAVA pepper powder. Exposure to this potent concentrate causes an immediate reaction in the eyes, nose, throat and chest of an attacker, incapacitating them nearly instantly.

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You don’t need to score a direct hit, though - TCP Launcher. When the Pepper, Ball round bursts, it creates the same 12-foot cloud of irritant that traditional sprays deliver. This fog rapidly disperses into the air to quickly incapacitate an attacker, without incapacitating yourself in the process. So, even if the Pepper, Ball ruptures on the ground near the would-be assailant, you can make your escape.

In average temperatures, the TCP Launcher can be powered by 8-gram CO2 cartridges, which can be found on our website Pepperball Hawaii. To combat this, the engineers developed a cartridge filled with nitrogen, which is not affected by temperatures in the same manner.

The magazine is easily unloaded when not in use. Pepper Ball also sells spare magazines separately, so you can have a fresh cartridge and ammo ready to go, or keep one fully charged and loaded and use another for practice. Live Fire I was impressed with the accuracy of the TCP Launcher.

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The TCP Launcher is the size of a compact handgun, but quite light at 27. 36 ounces. I was able to hold the Launcher as I would any handgun and get a good sight picture. The safety and magazine release are where you would expect them to be, and are easily manipulated.

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I took aim at a section of fence and slowly worked my way backward as far as I could, to a distance of a little over 75 feet. Time and time again, the inert balls found their home on or just next to the mark I was using to aim.

This makes the TCP Launcher a viable self-defense option for those that don’t want to use firearms, as well as in areas where you may not be able to legally carry.

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The Pepper, Ball TCP Pistol or (TCP) is a lightweight, powerful, accurate, and dependable pistol that you can carry with you every day. This is an excellent choice for self-defense. It is important to protect yourself and your family. This is why a lot of people decide to get the TCP pistol for self-protection.